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Image by Alexey Murzin

Hand-knitted hats and accessories for ALL your wild swim adventures

Handknitted Hats and Accessories for
Open-water Swimming

Whether you are a wild-swimmer, hiker, paddler or skier, our range of brightly coloured hand-knitted hats, tow-floats and outdoor accessories will help you stay seen, as well as warm, dry and protected from the elements.

Bright Neon handknitted hat for wild swimming

Our Hats

Hand-knitted chunkiness and Individuality

BEI-MIR hats are lovingly hand-made with the outdoors in mind. They are all unique and have their own personality. Whatever your mood, style or activity we have the hat to match! 

Whether you are looking for a bright neon colour to stay visible whilst wild-swimming or a shade to match your ski outfit, we hope you will find it here... and if you cant see what you want just ask.

Our hats are made to fit the average adult head (54-58cm). However, if you require different sizing please let us know.

We are always happy to take orders for bespoke colours, labels and styles - you think it, we'll knit it.

Our Accessories
Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Seen...

Be bold with your out-door accessories and match your hats with a neon tow float dry bag and swimming cap, or choose a bucket hat to stand out from the crowd.​

Our Wild Swimming accessories include, BEI-MIR silicone swimming caps, BEI-MIR tow-floats, Bucket hats and Handknitted headbands.Check out our Tow Float Twinning packages and save when you buy a set as well as getting FREE SHIPPING.

Neon tow float and dry bag for wild swimming
Customer wearing Bei-Mir Knitted Hat

LOVE this hat! Especially the pistachio green colour and the twisted pattern; It is so soft and warm and fits perfectly.

I love that I can take the bobble off if I want too. 


openwater swimming hats in matching colours

Best hats ever for OWS!

Liz and Alice

happy customer matching hat and dry robe

When your hat matches your dry robe. Thank you so much for my new hat.

I love it.


Customer wearing Bei-Mir Knitted Hat by lake

Absolutely wonderful hat !! What’s not to love ❤️ when you can just popper off the bobble and wear it as a beanie. Was packaged in a gorgeous bag too !


very satisfied customer

Got mine and bloomin' love it!!!

Soo warm and cosy.


Claire wearing Bei-Mir Bobble Hat

 Beautifully knitted and lined and the pom Pom is something else! So many compliments from my fellow swimmers and also random people in the streets! Ordered a neon pink and blue one now!


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