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Bei-Mir Dog on a Paddle Board Landscape
All about us

A love of knitting combined with a passion for open-water swimming and skiing

I remember picking up my very first pair of knitting needles a child and being taught by my grandmother and mother, both life long knitters.  I think I managed what might be called a scarf back then but regrettably I didn't go back to knitting for a very long time!

And then ...  2020 came along. Like many, my life style changed and I returned to knitting. As a skier and swimmer I LOVE a woolly hat - whether its keeping me warm or hiding my hair! So, after several frustrating attempts, a hat worthy of wearing was finally created! With this came a re-discovery of a love of knitting and thus, Bei-Mir was born.

Now, in my spare time,  if I’m not knitting you’ll find me open-water swimming, skiing, or paddling boarding with Bug the Pug! 


You can see from my hats where much of the inspiration for my designs and colours come from. Bright neon colours for swimming, super chunky and warm for skiing.

Take  look at my hats and please message me if you can't see what you are looking for- I am always happy to knit to order.

Jane - Business Owner

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